The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

Part supernatural tale, part historical fiction.part unsolved mystery  this novel takes place in Amsterdam during the winter of 1686.  Nella Brandt has married an older, successful merchant she has just met.  She leaves the rural setting where she lived her whole life and moves into his home in Amsterdam where she tries to find her place among the other occupants-Johannes, her husband, Marin, her sister-in-law and two in help.  She quickly learns that her new home is a den of secrets.  Also, as a wedding gift Johannes presents Nella with a miniature of their house.  Each tiny article delivered hint of the family’s future.  Who is this artisan who can see into the Brandt’s lives?  Burton’s debut novel is interesting and informative but not a must-read.

The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

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