Now and Again by Charlotte Rogan 437 pages

Charlotte Rogan’s second novel contains two parallel stories.  One is the tale of Maggie Rayburn, an Oklahoma wife and mother, who reads in a confidential report which is not intended for her eyes, that toxic material is leaking out from the munitions plant where she works. The leak has the potential to harm humans, including unborn children.  The second story is Penn Sinclair’s, an army captain in Iraq who, as a result of a poor decision on his part, has caused the deaths of two soldiers in his platoon.  To atone, he tries to spread the word about the disastrous effects of warfare.  Maggie and Penn are different in terms of background and education, but they both believe that truth and justice are important.  Both take risks that take them out of their comfort zones, so that they can pursue causes they truly believe in.

Now and Again by Charlotte Rogan 437 pages

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