Before the Fall by Noah Hawley 390 pages

A private jet carrying eight passengers and three crew members is flying from Martha’s Vineyard to New York City when it crashes into the Atlantic Ocean.  Miraculously, two people survive-a painter who is on the verge of “making it” and the four year old son of a television news executive.  Writing about each passenger before the crash, Hawley is able to flesh out each character and describe what happened in that airplane minutes before the disaster.  Depicting what happens to the two survivors after, he creates conflict, suspense and intrigue.

Before the Fall is a good read but not a book club read.  After it’s been read. there’s not too much to think about.

Before the Fall by Noah Hawley 390 pages

2 thoughts on “Before the Fall by Noah Hawley 390 pages

  1. Myrnalovi says:

    Hi Nancy, It’s Myrna Lovi. I agree about After the Fall. It was barely average. I am reading the sequel to the Kitchen Boy and really enjoying it. Hope you are good d. Happy summer.


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