Miss Jane by Brad Watson 279 pages

This gem of a novel is long-listed for the 2016 National Book Award.  It is a fictionalized homage to the author’s great aunt who was born in rural Mississippi in the early 20th century with a condition that made her unable to bear children or control her bowel and bladder.  In spite of this, Jane makes the most of her situation.  Although she only has a few months of formal education, because she is bright and good with numbers, she is able to education herself.  With the help of the neighborhood doctor, who becomes her good friend, she learns about her condition as well as the world around her.

Watson has written a lovely book about such an admirable women who epitomizes dignity and strength. It’s one of those books, I didn’t want to end.

Miss Jane by Brad Watson 279 pages

One thought on “Miss Jane by Brad Watson 279 pages

  1. Myrnalovi says:

    Hi Nancy, I’m so thrilled that you read and reviewed this amazing, sensitive story. Thank you. She was my hero. Happy New Year. Good health too. Myrna


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