The Wangs vs the World by Jade Chang 368 pages

The Wangs are the American Dream turned upside down.  Charles Wang’s cosmetic company has gone bust, he has filed for bankruptcy, and has turned over all of his assets to the bank.  He must pull his daughter, Grace,  out of a fancy boarding school in Santa Barbara, his son, Andrew, must withdraw from Arizona State University, and along with their step mother, they head to Charles’s oldest daughter’s home in Helios, NY in their former housekeeper’s ancient Mercedes.  Living an ultra frugal life they never thought they would have to be subjected to, the Wang’s cross country adventure is humorous,  frustrating and poignant.  .  All the Wangs  are engaging, infuriating, amusing and sympathetic in their own ways.  Chang’s debut novel is a good easy read that is satisfying but lacks depth.

The Wangs vs the World by Jade Chang 368 pages

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