4321 by Paul Auster 880 pages

Wow!  Just finished Paul Auster’s tome.  It’s slow and complex, but for me, well worth the time and trouble.  The main character, Archie Ferguson, a Jewish boy born in New Jersey in 1947, has four different avenues his life can possibly take.  Although several characters remain constant in his lives, and in some respects Archie’s personality is the same, each path provides very different outcomes for the four Archies.  Throughout these four lives, Auster describes the significant events of each era;  with much detail given to the turmoil of the 60’s.

It took a while for me to keep the Archie’s straight;  however, even when I was a bit confused, I still had the urge to read on.  If you don’t like slow reads that take some time to get into,  4321 is NOT the novel for you.  If you like dense, descriptive books with well-developed characters, give it a try.

4321 by Paul Auster 880 pages

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