Ill Will by Dan Chaon 458pages

Ill Will is the story of a dysfunctional family and a series of murders that have certain ritualistic similarities.  Dustin Tillman is a psychologist whose parents, aunt and uncle are murdered one summer night when he is thirteen.  He has an adopted older brother, Russell, who is found guilty of the murders based on Dustin’s and his cousin Kate’s testimony.  Thirty years later, Russell is released after DNA evidence finds him not guilty.  Mix in a drug addict son and a wife dying of cancer and you have the Tillman family.

This novel was just too disjointed and weird for me.  There wasn’t a sane character in it, and I didn’t empathize with any of them.  For me, this was not a who done it, but rather a who cares?

Ill Will by Dan Chaon 458pages

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