Beartown by Fredrik Backman 414 pages

The author who wrote a A Man Called  Ove writes a completely different work of fiction this time.  Beartown is a small,dying village in Sweden.  Factories,  schools and shops are closing, and many in the community are leaving for larger and more prosperous cities.  The junior hockey team is practically the only reason for excitement in Beartown.  Made up of a group of remarkable heterogeneous young men,  the team may be on its way to a national championship.  However, when the star of the team gets into trouble,  the townspeople are deeply divided about what should be done.

Backman writes an engaging story that keeps the reader yearning to know more.  Beartown has a lot of characters, and it takes a while to differentiate some of them, but stick with it.  You will be rewarded.

Beartown by Fredrik Backman 414 pages

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