Everybody’s Son by Thrity Umrigar 336 pages

Anton, a nine year old boy, has been locked in his apartment with the windows sealed shut and the outside door locked during a heat wave.  His mother left to see her drug dealer a week ago and has not returned.  Anton breaks a window with a chair and jumps out.  Fast forward several years.  Anton has been adopted by a rich, powerful, loving family who lost a son in an auto accident.  He has all the advantages and love any child could hope for.  Anton thinks his mother readily gave him up for adoption when she was in prison, but that was not the case.

There are no heroes or villains in Umrigar’s sixth novel; just individuals who want to do what they think is best for a boy they love.  The question is:  What is truly best for Anton Coleman?

Everybody’s Son by Thrity Umrigar 336 pages

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