The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman 384 pages

Although I’m fond of most of Alice Hoffman’s works, I was all set to dislike The Rules of Magic.  Magical Realism is fine, but the title led me to believe the magic would be so far fetched it would get in the way of the plot.  However, despite the somewhat unrealistic occurrences, Hoffman tells a very fine love story.  Franny, Jet(short for Bridget) and Vincent are witches who can see into the future, cast spells and are instructed to avoid falling in love because it will only cause disastrous results.  Of course, they all fall in love with the perfect mate, and terrible events follow.

If you can go with the flow and not be put off by the unbelievable, you will enjoy this novel.  Hoffman’s characters are well drawn and her settings are superb.  If you’re a romantic, suspend belief and read The Rules of Magic.

The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman 384 pages

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