The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce 303 pages

This novel by the author of The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry takes place, for the most part, on a small street in an English town that is not thriving.  The main character, Frank, owns a record store.  He employs a quirky, clumsy young man named Kit and refuses to sell CD’s.  In fact, he is adamant that he will always only sell vinyl.   Frank also has the uncanny gift of finding a recording that will help each of his customers feel better.   As the novel unfolds, we are introduced to other merchants who have shops on Unity Street as well as Frank’s eccentric mother and a mysterious young woman named Ilse.

If you’re a music fan and enjoy nothing more than a feel good read,  this is the book for you.  The Music Shop has it’s sad, touching moments, but the happy times outweigh them.

The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce 303 pages

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