Autumn by Ali Smith 260 pages

I have put off writing about Autumn because it is difficult for me to summarize and describe.  Daniel Gluck, age 101, and Elisabeth Demand, 30ish, have known each other for almost thirty years.  They were neighbors, confidantes, and now Elisabeth visits Daniel weekly in a nursing home where most of his time is spent sleeping.  Through dreams, memories and snippets of conversations, we learn about their lives, their interests and the state of the world.  Autumn is not chronological , and although the writing is beautiful in some places, the first part of the novel takes some work and can be confusing.  However, there is a reason it was short-listed for The Man Booker Award.  It is lyrical,  full of feeling and thought-provoking.  Autumn is the first of Smith’s quartet, each representing a season.

Autumn by Ali Smith 260 pages

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