There There by Tommy Orange 288 pages

This debut novel has been getting a lot of hype for its subject matter and the interesting way that it is written.  All of the characters are Native Americans living in Oakland, California.  All the chapters are short(2-8 pages) and center around one of about a dozen of these characters.  The focal point is a pow wow that will take place in the Oakland Coliseum, and all of these twelve individuals will be participating in the pow wow in one way or another.  Although the plot line is fairly predictable, the conclusion is shocking.

There There is a great work of prose.  Orange’s writing is simple, yet emotionally charged.  In just a few pages he gets his reader into the heart and mind of each of these Native Americans.  I would suggest reading this novel quickly.  When I didn’t pick it up for several days, I had to go back and reread about some of the main characters.

There There by Tommy Orange 288 pages

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