The High Season by Judy Blundell 395 pages

The High Season was listed on a few articles about good summer reads.  It’s a quick, engaging read with good guys, bad guys and a lovely setting on the coast of Long Island.

Ruthie Beamish is curator of a small history museum in Orient, New York.  She lives with her husband(they’ve been contemplating a divorce for three years) and their fifteen year old daughter.  Every summer they rent out their home and move to a smaller, less attractive place in order to be able to afford the life they live in Orient.  However, this summer, Ruthie and her daughter have been invited to stay at the home of a wealthy board member of the museum while her family is in Europe.  The High Season follows Ruthie and her friends, family and enemies throughout the summer.

For me the perfect summer read-light, but not silly.






The High Season by Judy Blundell 395 pages

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