The Power by Naomi Alderman 382 pages

Women all over the world have become “afflicted” with The Power-an electric current which begins around their sternum and reaches to their extremities.  It can cause pain and even death to others.  With The Power, woman are able to reverse roles with men.  Now they are in control but also capable of mass murders and rapes.  Naomi Alderman focuses on several characters to illustrate some of the results of this electrical force.  There is Tunde, a male Nigerian who discovers he can gain fame reporting on The Power around the world, Margot a politician on the rise, Allie, an abused orphan who becomes a savior and Roxie, daughter of an English mobster.

The Power is the kind of novel I usually don’t like-futuristic and violent.  However, Alderman is such a fine writer who makes all of her characters seem alive and realistic that I found I couldn’t put it down.   It would make an excellent read for a book group-lots to talk about.

The Power by Naomi Alderman 382 pages

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