The Guest Book by Sarah Blake 480 pages

Sarah Blake’s saga describes three generations of a successful WASP family.  Ogden Milton, the patriarch, owns a business that survives the Great Depression and World War II.  He and his beautiful, charming wife Kitty raise three children who give them five grandchildren. The family’s summer home is on an island in Maine, a place where the family relaxes and throws parties.  In 1959 Ogden and Kitty are hosting an engagement party for their younger daughter when a Jew and a Black man appear.  After that date, the Milton’s lives are never quite the same.

The Guest Book bounces back and forth in time, and with two characters named Evelyn, the beginning is a bit confusing.  Also, although the Miltons encounter tragedies in their lives, for me it was a little difficult to sympathize with such a privileged family that never wanted to face any of their problems.

The Guest Book by Sarah Blake 480 pages

3 thoughts on “The Guest Book by Sarah Blake 480 pages

  1. Debbie Rettig says:

    Amen, and thank you, Nancy. I am halfway through, and struggling mightily with sympathy for this family. Especially, Kitty.
    By the way,I am in awe of your reading speed.


    1. I’m actually a pretty slow reader, but I often times read the books a few months before they come out but don’t put them in my blog until after they are available to everyone.
      Stay in touch.


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