Biloxi by Mary Miller 256 pages

Louis McDonald Jr. is about to turn 64.  He is divorced and  has a daughter and granddaughter he rarely sees although they only live twenty minutes away.  His father recently died and Louis, because he is his only living child, expects to inherit everything.  He recently retired and spends most of his days sitting alone at home watching television and eating unhealthy food and drinking too much.  One day he is driving by a house with a sign out front that announces, “Free Dogs.”  Louis turns into the driveway and becomes the proud owner of Layla, a mutt who gags for no apparent reason.

Biloxi is an enjoyable novel.  Louis is a wonderful character-sometimes insightful, sometimes pathetic, but always entertaining.  And if you don’t fall in love with Layla,  you’re not a dog lover!

Biloxi by Mary Miller 256 pages

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