Big Sky by Kate Atkinson 386 pages

Kate Atkinson is back with another Jackson Brodie book.  This time Jackson, one time policeman, now part-time private investigator, has semi-retired to small seaside village in England.  He is hired to follow a cheating husband by the man’s wife.  While working on the case and taking care of his adolescent son and his ex girlfriend’s dog, he comes across far nastier crimes than a case of infidelity.  In pursuit of justice, Brodie encounters a cast of quirky characters and gets involved in a plot that has many twists and turns.

I thoroughly enjoyed Case Histories, Atkinson’s first Jackson Brodie novel.  In Big Sky she once again writes a clever mystery with some endearing, humorous characters, and on top of the list is Brodie.  However, if you’re looking for a realistic, violent who-done-it with a shocking ending,  Big Sky is not for you

Big Sky by Kate Atkinson 386 pages

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