Say Say Say by Lila Savage 161 pages

Ella is a young woman living in Minneapolis who has delayed graduate school to become a caregiver.  Her most recent job involves helping  Jill, a woman in her 60’s who was in an accident that left her brain damaged.  Jill cannot take care of herself and although she can speak, what comes out of her mouth makes no sense.  Jill’s husband, Bryn, is wonderful-patient and loving, but he needs a break sometimes and that is why he hires Ella.  Say Say Say is Ella’s perception of her life with Jill and Bryn with many digressions into her own life and loves.

Say Say Say is the kind of book I will forgot I had read a year from now.  It’s not a bad novel, it just didn’t have enough depth or character development to grab me.


Say Say Say by Lila Savage 161 pages

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