Chances Are… by Richard Russo 301 pages

Lincoln, Teddy and Mickey became friends in the early 70’s when they attended college and had a meal job at the Theta House.  While working at the sorority, they all met and fell in love with Jacy.  After graduation, with the Viet Nam war making for an uncertain future, the four plan a last weekend of fun on Martha’s Vineyard.  On their final morning together, Jacy has disappeared and Mickey has taken off to Canada.  Forty years later, the three men meet again at the same home on the Vineyard.  Lincoln and Teddy spend much of the weekend trying to figure out what happened to Jacy and why Mickey went to Canada.

If you usually enjoy Richard Russo, you will not be disappointed in Chances Are . . .Lincoln, Teddy and Mickey are likeable characters, and just like them, the reader wants to discover what happened to Jacy.

Chances Are… by Richard Russo 301 pages

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