The Body by Bill Bryson 383 pages

If you’re a fan of Bill Bryson, and I am, you’ll want to read The Body.  Bryson takes his readers on a detailed tour of our insides and outsides, what works and what doesn’t.  To give you an idea of his exploration, a few chapter titles are:  Down the Hatch:  The Mouth and Throat, The Chemistry Department, The Guts and In the Nether Regions.  The Body not only describes how different parts function, it also relates how some men and women discovered these parts, how they function, what can go wrong and how that can be cured.  And just when this work of nonfiction starts getting a little dry, Bill Bryson drops in an amusing quip or a wry anecdote.

The Body is highly informative and thoroughly enjoyable.

The Body by Bill Bryson 383 pages

2 thoughts on “The Body by Bill Bryson 383 pages

  1. Hi Nancy,
    This is my kind o’ book! It reminds me of Neil Shubin’s Your Inner Fish. That book (maybe you’ve read it) focuses on human left-overs—useless and erroneous results of evolution. Now that I know about The Body, I will be looking at other Bryson books!

    oxo Ann


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