The Liar by Ayelet-Gundar Goshen 278 pages

Seventeen year old Nafir leads a boring, unpopular life.  One day while working at her after school job in an ice cream parlor, she waits upon a mean, belittling male customer.  To get away from his nastiness, Nafir runs screaming from the parlor into the adjacent alley.  People hear her, run to help her and assume the man was attempting to rape her.  Nafir has never had so much positive attention.  She enjoys it as well as the sympathy she receives from strangers, so she doesn’t let on that no attempted assault ever occurred.  However, a young man whose bedroom window faces the alley is aware of what really happened.

In many ways The Liarshares characteristics with Gundar-Goshen’s earlier novel, Waking Lions.  Both begin with a wrongdoing and demonstrate how it causes other immoral acts.  The Liar was a good read, but I did not enjoy it as much as Waking Lions.

The Liar by Ayelet-Gundar Goshen 278 pages

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