This Is Happiness by Niall Williams 380 pages

The small Irish town of Faha is in for a great change.  During a particular dry sun-filled spring, the city is going to get electricity.  It is an event that will change the way of life for all of its citizens.  The seventeen year old narrator of This Is Happiness, Noel Crowe, is spending some time with his grandparents in Faha that spring after the death of his mother.  Into their lives comes Christy. He has come representing the electric company but also to ask forgiveness from the woman he left at the altar 50 years ago.

Noel, his grandparents and Christy are just a few of the charming characters in This Is Happiness.  Williams’ novel is beautifully written-almost every page has a memorable sentence.  If you are fond of Irish literature, This Is Happiness, is a must read.

This Is Happiness by Niall Williams 380 pages

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  1. ayresestateservices says:

    Thanks, Nancy—always look forward to your reviews.
    Hope you and the extended family are doing well.



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