Utopia Avenue by David Mitchell 567 pages

Utopia Avenue is the name of an English band formed in 1967.  Elf Holloway, short for Elizabeth, is a folk singer and plays the organ, keyboard and piano.  Dean Moss plays bass and is the most uncontrollable member of the foursome.  Jasper de Zoet( a last name from another Mitchell novel), plays guitar, is Dutch and schizophrenic.  And Giff Gifford is their fabulous drummer.  Each member contributes ideas, music and lyrics.  While describing the formation of the band and their successes and disappointments, Mitchell also delves deeply into each individual character.

With the exception of a way out scene where Jasper’s schizophrenia is “cured,” I thoroughly enjoyed Utopia Avenue.  David Mitchell brought back the musical scene of the late 60’s while telling a fine story.

Utopia Avenue by David Mitchell 567 pages

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