Nomadland by Jessica Bruder 251 pages

A few weeks ago I saw the award-winning movie, Nomadland. I kept going back to the idea that here was a subculture of people around my age that I knew nothing about. I knew that Fern, the Frances McDormand character, was fictitious, but others in the movie were playing themselves, and I wanted to learn more about them and their lifestyle.

The book Nomadland did not disappoint me. Jessica Bruder lived among these “nomads” on and off for three years. Her work of nonfiction explains how this subculture evolved, how difficult it is both emotionally and physically to live this lifestyle, and the ingenuity and sense of community these modern day wanderers possess. Nomadland introduces its readers to a fascinating group of people and they way they live.

Nomadland by Jessica Bruder 251 pages

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