Olympus Texas by Stacey Swann 336 pages

The Briscoes are NOT a model family. Peter, the patriarch, has had two extramarital affairs, resulting in three children. His son March had an affair with his brother’s wife, and his third son is involved in a shooting that results in his sister’s boyfriend’s death. And as if that is not enough for the town of Olympus to gossip about, Peter’s wife is flirting with the visiting veterinarian.

Stacey Swann’s debut novel is entertaining at times, but for all the drama going on in Olympus Texas, I felt no sympathy for any of the Briscoes. Also, Swann goes back and forth in time, and instead of that clarifying major events, it makes most of the major predicaments even more confusing.

Olympus Texas by Stacey Swann 336 pages

One thought on “Olympus Texas by Stacey Swann 336 pages

  1. sharon telpner says:

    Hi, Nancy, How are you? How are the kids and grandkids? This book sounds yucky, but I’m glad I’m still in your contacts! Are you still at the Bin? I haven’t done too much reading lately, suggest an easy short book? Are you in contact with any of the other ladies? Give me some gossip! Sharon


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