Morningside Heights by Joshua Henkin 289 pages

Spence Robin is an esteemed English professor at Columbia University. Pru is a student of his from an observant Jewish home in Columbus, Ohio. They fall in love, get married and raise Sarah who plans on becoming a medical doctor. Their family life seems almost picture perfect until in his mid50’s, Spence begins to act odd-forgetting things and losing important items. Morningside Heights follows Spence and Pru as they try to keep their marriage intact as it is falling apart.

Although the theme of Morningside Heights has been told often in plays, novels and movies in the past decade, Henkin makes living with Alzheimer’s seem like a new, fresh topic. His characterizations are realistic and empathetic. I suffered right along with Pru Robin as she desperately tried to meet the numerous challenges she has to face.

Morningside Heights by Joshua Henkin 289 pages

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