Count the Ways by Joyce Maynard 464 pages

This is the story of Eleanor. She is orphaned at 16, becomes a semi-famous children’s author at the age of 19, buys a run down house in New Hampshire and then marries Cam, a good looking, loving, free spirit. In the early 80’s they have three children. Life seems almost too good to be true until an accident involving their youngest child triggers trouble between Eleanor and Cam as well as her relationship with her older children.

Count the Ways is an easy, enjoyable, somewhat predictable read. I liked Maynard’s novel; however, there were times when Eleanor’s musings about marriage and parenthood got on my nerves, I wanted the author to keep the plot moving and drop the descriptions of introspection.

Count the Ways by Joyce Maynard 464 pages

2 thoughts on “Count the Ways by Joyce Maynard 464 pages

  1. ayresestateservices says:

    Hi Nancy,

    I think it’s the introspection elements that turn me away from fiction! But I always enjoy your reviews!



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