Matrix by Lauren Groff 272 pages

Marie, a bastard relative of Eleanor of Aquitaine, is sent by the queen to a run-down, poverty stricken nunnery in rural England. With a good deal of brains, brawn and faith, Marie turns the convent into a thriving, safe, populated home. Matrix is the story of Marie’s accomplishments as well as her struggles.

Groff’s second novel takes some work. There are many 12th century English/religious words that sent me to the dictionary. Also, it wasn’t until Marie becomes abbess and good things start happening at the convent (at least a third of the way into the novel) that I really felt invested in Matrix. If you are willing to put up with these “obstacle,” you will be rewarded. It should be noted that Matrix is a women’s book-there are no male characters!

Matrix by Lauren Groff 272 pages

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