Booth by Karen Joy Fowler 464 pages

Although John Wilkes Booth is the most well-known member of the Booth family today, some of his relatives were more famous in their day. Karen Joy Fowler writes of his sisters(Rosalie and Asia) and his brothers (June, Edwin and Joe) as well as his parents (Mary and Junius). Rosalie was a spinster while Asia was the feisty and outgoing sister. Junius and Edwin were famous actors, while June, Joe and John’s acting abilities were second rate. Booth delves into the events and psyche of each family member. All were flawed but they cared deeply for each other. Fowler begins each section with a short interlude about Abraham Lincoln that describes his life in comparison to the Booths at that time. The deeper I read into Booth the more I became engrossed with all the members of the Booth family. It takes a while to get the gist of each character, but keep reading. You will not be disappointed. Booth is a great work of historical fiction.

Booth by Karen Joy Fowler 464 pages

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