Trust by Hernan Diaz 402 pages

There are four chapters in Trust, each with a different point of view about what occurs in New York before, during an after the crash of 1929. The first chapter is a novel by Harold Vanner. The second section are notes for Andrew Bevel’s memoir. Bevel is an aloof, almost anti-social millionaire. The third is his secretary’s descriptions of her relationship with Bevel and her father. And finally, the diary Mildred, Bevel’s wife, kept while she was dying.

For readers who feel it is important to become involved with a novel right away, do not read Trust. It is confusing up until chapter three. Also, there are a number paragraphs describing the way Bevel made money during the stock market crash that either I didn’t understand or found boring. It is cleverly constructed but that is about all I found entertaining about Trust.

Trust by Hernan Diaz 402 pages

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