Age of Vice by Deepit Kapoor 544pages

The opening scene of Age of Vice takes place in New Delhi. A speeding Mercedes is involved in an accident that kills five homeless people who are sleeping on the sidewalk. Minutes after the accident, the drunk driver is led away from the damaged car and a servant replaces him. The loyal servant is sent to prison. And thus begins Kapoor’s can’t put down novel about India’s wealthy gangsters and the people who work for them. There is Sunny, son of one of the richest, meanest, most influential gangster in India, Neda, an investigative reporter who falls in love with Sunny, Ajay the devoted servant, as well many more intriguing, brutal characters.

Age of Vice is not high literature, but I read it every chance I got. It took me to a lavish, dangerous world I knew nothing about. However, like many page turners, Age of Vice’s ending was not as satisfying as the rest of the novel.

Age of Vice by Deepit Kapoor 544pages

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