The Trackers by Charles Frazier 318 pages

Val Welch is an artist. During the Depression he takes on a government funded job painting a mural on the walls of a post office in Dawes, Wyoming. A wealthy rancher, John Long, has offered him free room and board. John is married to Eve who has packed a lot into her short life. She has been a hobo, a night club singer and a variety of other short term jobs all over the country. One day Eve disappears, taking with her a small, valuable Renoir painting. For several reasons, John doesn’t want the law involved, so he sends Val to find her. Val’s search takes him to Seattle, Florida and San Francisco.

When I began reading The Trackers, I wasn’t sure I would like it, but the more I read, the more I enjoyed it. Frazier’s characters are interesting, and he does a good job of depicting slices of life during the Depression.

The Trackers by Charles Frazier 318 pages

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