The Lock-Up by John Banville 304 pages

It is the 1950’s in Dublin, and a young, outspoken Jewish woman has been found dead in her car in a mechanic’s garage. Her death, from carbon monoxide poisoning at first appears to be suicide. However, Dr. Quirk believes Rosa Jacobs has been murdered. He soon is able to convince Deputy John Strafford to agree with him. As they investigate, the two men begin to see a connection between this death, a hit and run in Israel and a wealthy German father and son.

I usually don’t read mysteries, but I couldn’t resist one by John Banville that takes place in Ireland. The Lock-Up is well-written, illustrates the caste system in Ireland in the ’50’s, and has some sad, yet endearing characters. Yet, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why it is called The Lock-Up!

The Lock-Up by John Banville 304 pages

One thought on “The Lock-Up by John Banville 304 pages

  1. Mary Cavalier says:

    Greetings Nancy !

    I always enjoy your “book reviews” and have passed along your latest to a Philadelphia friend who I recently visited and who asked me for recommendations! Her name is Eileen Guest and I know she too will appreciate your “words of wisdom” concerning books you’ve read !
    Happy Summer, Mary Cavaliet


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