City of Secrets by Stewart O’Nan 190 pages

In O’Nan’s sixteenth novel, main character, Brand aka Jossi Jorgenson, is a cab driver in Jerusalem shortly after World War II. Born in Riga and the only member of his family to survive the the war, Brand now works for the Jewish underground.  In his old Peugeot, he drives tourists from the old city to The King David Hotel, but also drives the getaway car that bombs British trains and buildings.  He still mourns  his wife, Katya, who died in a concentration camp, yet he has fallen in love with Eva, also a survivor and member of the underground.  Written in terse prose, City of Secrets is a love story, historical fiction , a novel about moral dilemmas and for anyone who has been to Jerusalem, a chance to revisit some of its famous sights.

City of Secrets by Stewart O’Nan 190 pages

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