Father’s Day by Simon Van Booy 284 pages

Van Booy’s last book, The Illusion of Separateness,  was a good read-well-written with a great “aha” moment;  however, the same can’t be said for his most recent work.  A six year old girl named Harvey is adopted by her Uncle Jason, an ex con with a violent temper, after her parents are both killed in a car accident.  Fast forward twenty years, and Harvey is a successful illustrator living in Paris.  Jason comes to visit the week of Father’s Day, and each day Harvey presents him with a gift that is a symbol of an incident in in their past.

I found the plot, characters and “aha” moment in Father’s Day disappointing.   For me, the story line was not engaging, the characters had no depth,  and the aha moment was predictable.



Father’s Day by Simon Van Booy 284 pages

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