Everybody’s Fool by Richard Russo 485 pages

Russo has done it again-written a laugh-out-loud novel with well drawn characters and a page turner plot. Everybody’s Fool, like Nobody’s Fool, takes place in North Bath, New York with basically the same comedic misfits.  It is not necessary to read Nobody’s before reading Russo’s newest, but I guarantee you will want to read it after meeting Sully, Raymer and a host of others.

For the most part, the book takes place during a forty-eight hour period on a sweltering Memorial Day Weekend in North Bath.  In those two days, a deadly cobra is on the loose, the sheriff has fainted and fallen into a newly dug grave, lightening has struck along with a number of other calamities.  If you’re in the mood to do a lot of smiling, pick up a copy of Everybody’s Fool.

Everybody’s Fool by Richard Russo 485 pages

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