Love Is Blind by William Boyd 371 pages

William Boyd writes another interesting work of historical fiction which takes place from 1894-1906.   The main character, Brodie Moncur, is a Scotsman and a skillful piano tuner.  After a somewhat successful life working for a piano company in Paris, he takes on the job of being the personal tuner of John Kilbarron, a brilliant yet unpredictable Irish pianist.  Almost immediately he falls in love with Lika Blum, Kilbarron’s Russian mistress.  What results from Moncur’s “blind adoration” and why it takes him all over the world-Saint Petersburg, Paris, Edinburgh, Vienna, Trieste and beyond-is the crux of Love Is Blind.

I am a fan of William Boyd, however;  this is not his best.  It is well-written, but once I finished Love Is Blind, nothing stayed with me.  It is one of those books I enjoy reading but a year later I probably will forget that I read it.

Love Is Blind by William Boyd 371 pages

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