The Winter Soldier by Daniel Mason 318 pages

Mason, an author and a physician, has written a powerful novel about WWI.  Lucius Krzelewski is a young Viennese medical student enlists in the Austrian army in 1914.  Having never operated, he is alarmed when he is assigned to a hospital that has been set up in a church deep in the Carpathian Mountains in Hungary.  He is astonished and frightened when he realizes he is the only one on the premises who has had any medical training.  Fortunately, a nun named Margarete quickly teaches Lucius all he needs to know.  Despite the make shift hospital being overrun with rats and lice, Lucius and Margarete operate, medicate, treat an assortment of neurological diseases brought on by the war, and fall in love.

I hadn’t read a book I thoroughly enjoyed and was awed by for months, but then I read The Winter Soldier.  It is beautiful and exciting, yet graphically describes the horror of The Great War.  It took a while for The Winter Soldier to grab me, but when it did, I was hooked!

The Winter Soldier by Daniel Mason 318 pages

3 thoughts on “The Winter Soldier by Daniel Mason 318 pages

  1. sharon telpner says:

    I was ready to give it back to the Bin tomorrow because I felt it was so slow moving and ‘gushy’ medical things. I’ll keep trying to read it and hope the pace picks up I think it’s a hard sell unless someone is interested in Medicine of Ww1. The Benny book was written quite a few years ago by one of my daughter in law’s friends. I think it was self published. Cleaning out some book shelves and found this gem for your Benny Hope all is well with you. We had a greT time in Toronto!! 💕Sharon

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