Golden Child by Claire Adam 304 pages

Peter and Paul are twins.  The family is from India, are practicing Hindus, and live in Trinidad.  Paul, who was deprived of oxygen at birth has social, emotional and learning problems.  Peter is an outstanding student and has always watched out for his bother.  However, when the boys are thirteen, Paul walks into the bush, and literally disappears and there is nothing his twin can do about it.  When Clyde, the boys’ father realizes what has happened to his troublesome son, he must make the most difficult decision one can imagine.

This is Sarah Jessica Parker’s second book club suggestion and it’s another winner.  All of the main characters are empathetic and complex, there is tension and drama, but Adam’s writing is never verbose or stilted.  I cried several times feeling Paul’s pain; something I rarely do when reading a book.  I can’t wait to discuss Golden Child with someone!!

Golden Child by Claire Adam 304 pages

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