Becoming Nicole by Amy Ellis Nutt 262 pages

Identical twins Jonas and Wyatt were adopted by Kelly and Wayne Maines right after they were born.  From the age of two on, Wyatt felt like he should be a girl.  He preferred dolls to trucks, loved wearing high heels as tutus, and his favorite cartoon character was Ariel, the little mermaid.  Kelly knew Wyatt felt he was a girl, learned everything she could about transgenders, and thoroughly supported his desires.  Wayne ignored the issues for years until it was no longer possible.  Becoming Nicole is the true story of an “average” family’s quest to understand Nicole, and their fight to help her feel comfortable with herself and her community.

If anyone is confused about gender identity or finds the world of transgenders a bit mysterious, I recommend Becoming Nicole.  Pulitzer Prize winning author Amy Ellis Nutt takes a compassionate, yet honest,  look at a remarkable family

Becoming Nicole by Amy Ellis Nutt 262 pages

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