Swing by Philip Beard 317 pages

Swing moves back and forth from the time its main character, Henry Graham, is 10 to when he is in his 40’s.  Grown up Henry has traded the life of a lawyer for that of a college professor in a small town in upstate New York.  His wife is a cancer survivor, his chances of getting tenure are slim and he has just learned that a man who was an important figure during his tenth year has died.  Henry Graham grew up in Pittsburgh.  In 9171 the Pittsburgh Pirates were playing the Baltimore Orioles in the World Series.  Henry’s father had walked out on his family,  and the boy found a father figure in an avid Pirate’s fan with no legs named John Kostka.

Beard tells a good story with relatable characters and an easy to follow plot.  If you’re a baseball fan, Swing should prove an enjoyable read.

Swing by Philip Beard 317 pages

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