Parkland by Dave Cullen 311 pages

Cullen, the author of Columbine, has again written a work of nonfiction about a school shooting in an upper-middle class community.  However, Parkland does not focus on the shooting but on the movement that arose as a result of the tragedy.  There is no description of what happened on February 14, 2018 at Margery Stoneman Douglas High School,  and the gunman is rarely mentioned and never named.  What Cullen describes in detail is how four days later, two dozen remarkable students began a movement that probably changed the course of an election.  He puts the reader into the minds and hearts of a group of students, parents and teachers and tells how they acted and reacted after 2/14/18.

This book certainly is not for everyone,  but if you want to feel hopeful about the “next generation,” read Parkland.


Parkland by Dave Cullen 311 pages

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