Henry, Himself by Stewart O’Nan 370 pages

This novel describes a year in the life of Henry Maxwell.  Henry is a veteran of World War II, a retired engineer at Westinghouse and a devoted husband, father and grandfather.  He is a native of Pittsburgh, a golfer, a sport’s fan, a tinkerer and a man who doesn’t like to “throw his money around.”  It is 1998, the year Henry turns 75, and as we follow his life during that year, we get to view him in the past, the present and a bit into the future.  We see him with his cynical wife Emily, his two children, his four grandchildren and his dog Rufus.  Henry is at his summer home in Chautauqua, with his golfing buddies and celebrating his 49th wedding anniversary.  During all of this experiences, Henry is delightfully true to himself.

If you are about 65 or older, I think you will thoroughly enjoy Henry, Himself.  Through the eyes of Henry Maxwell, you will recognize the joys and sorrows of growing another year older.

Henry, Himself by Stewart O’Nan 370 pages

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