The Flight Portfolio by Julie Orringer 548 pages

I had never heard of Varian Fry, but after reading over 500 pages about him, I still wanted to know more.  Mr. Fry came from an upper-middle class Protestant family, attended Harvard and went on to save thousands of artists, philosophers and authors from the Nazi’s.  In 1940 he was head of the Emergency Rescue Committee that was established in Marseille.  His tireless efforts are described in The Flight Portfolio.  However, this is not just a novel about a brave hero, it portrays Fry as a bisexual who must decide if he wants to keep his personal life a secret.  Furthermore, this historic novel poses the question, is it more important to save someone with talent than someone without?

I didn’t think Orringer could do better than her first novel, Invisible Bridge, but she has.  The Flight Portfolio is exciting, frightening and very well-written.

The Flight Portfolio by Julie Orringer 548 pages

6 thoughts on “The Flight Portfolio by Julie Orringer 548 pages

  1. Nancy, I see that you are reading a lot. Hope you and your family are well. This book is one that I will read very soon.I really like historical fiction, esp WW2. Be safe. Myrna


  2. Debbie Rettig says:

    Hi Nancy,

    I am so eager to read this. I remember driving up (a long no time ago) to The Book Stall, to see Julie Orringer speak about her last book. It is a pleasure to see she has written something new.
    Thank you for all the reviews. I love reading them.



    1. Hi Debbie-How are you? I remember Julie Orringer at The Book Stall, too.
      I’m working at the Book Bin in Northbrook most Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Come by if you’re ever in the neighborhood


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