Machines Like Me by Ian McEwan 352 pages

It is 1982 in London, and Charlie has used his inheritance to purchase the newest most amazing robot.  Only 25 have been manufactured, 13 Eves and 12 Adams, and they can do almost anything humans can, only quicker and better.  Charlie is pursuing Miranda who lives above him and Adam falls in love with her, too.  Throw into the plot an abandoned child and a secret Miranda has kept to herself for years, and you have an entertaining, thought-provoking novel.

Even when Ian McEwan is not at his best, he’s still better than most authors.  In Machines Like Me, he changes history, rearranges dates, and invents things that were unheard of in 1982.  McEwan leaves his reader with much to think about in terms of artificial intelligence, love, revenge and truth vs. lies.  The subtitle of Machines Like Me is And People Like You.  Read the book and try to guess what that means!!


Machines Like Me by Ian McEwan 352 pages

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