Right After the Weather by Carol Anshaw 269 pages

Cate is a set designer who lives in Chicago.  Her ex husband has temporarily moved into her two bedroom apartment with his large, friendly dog and she has just begun a relationship with Maureen, a costume designer who lives the good life but whose values and ethics Cate questions.  Her good friend Neale has sound morals but is too trusting.  Neal has left her back  door open for Cate, but Irene and Nathan, addicts and criminals get there first.  What happens next will forever change Neale and Cate as well as their feelings towards each other.

I liked everything about Right After the Weather-the plot, the characters, the dilemmas and the questions it poses.  If you’re in a book group, Anshaw’s novel should produce a lot of discussion

Right After the Weather by Carol Anshaw 269 pages

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