Olive, Again by Elizabeth Strout 289 pages

Olive Kitteridge is back!  She’s older, wiser, still curt, direct and way too honest, but this Olive is a bit warmer and more empathetic.  Like the original, Olive, Again is in chapters-in some Olive is the main character, in others she’s part of a supporting cast.  The entire novel takes place in Maine, mostly in the town of Cosby.  As Olive ages, we are reintroduced to friends and relatives and also meet new acquaintances and family members.  If you liked Olive Kitteridge, Olive, Again is a must.  Every chapter is filled with humor and pathos, and in the center of it all is Olive, a hugely entertaining, sympathetic, unforgettable character.

Olive, Again by Elizabeth Strout 289 pages

2 thoughts on “Olive, Again by Elizabeth Strout 289 pages

  1. ayresestateservices says:

    Always enjoy your reviews, Nancy!
    Going back to The Library Book–the description of the fire was absolutely masterful! It insinuated itself so ominously–slowly and gradually like the first wisps of smoke. I really enjoyed that part. The amount of detail in the rest of the book for those of us not connected to place nor personality just weighted beyond enjoyment!


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